Rules, Regulations & Format

1. All entries must be received by TBD.

2. Payment for entrants must accompany the entry form. It is preferred that payment for dinner guests be included with the entry form; however, guests may be added or removed by TBD.

3. All events are open to senior players who are or will reach the minimum age of 50 by December 31, 2017.

4. Players will be limited to two events. A player may not play in the same doubles event with two different partners.

5. Submit one form per doubles event. One form may be used for a player participating in men's singles and doubles. There are no women's singles events.

6. Entrants are expected to be as accurate as possible regarding their playing level. If you have played on a team within the past two years, you must enter the tournament at or above that level. Entrants may not play in a lower level, but may play in a higher level. If you have had a significant change in your ability to compete at your most recent level, you may submit a request that will be evaluated by the scheduling committee.

7. Players between the ages 50 to 64 must play in their event by level. Players 65 and over may play by age and or level.

8. If you know that you have a significant scheduling restriction, it MUST be included with the entry form. While there is no guarantee, we will try to accommodate your request. Once the draw has been arranged, there will be NO CHANGES!

9. DRAWS will be posted at the R.H. Johnson Tennis Center TBD.

10. All entrants will be informed by phone of their initial match starting times.

11. It is the player's responsibility to obtain starting times for subsequent matches. Players should arrive 30 minutes before their starting time. Matches may start early if courts are available and all players are present.

12. A Round Robin format will be used.

13. USTA membership is not required; however, USTA Code of Conduct will be used, including point penalties.

14. Players will be subject to default if unable to play within 15 minutes after the scheduled match time.

15. Matches are determined by best of 3 sets with a 7-point tiebreak at 6-all. In lieu of the 3rd set, a 10-point tiebreak will be used. A Coman tiebreak may be used if all players agree before the start of the match. The same tiebreak type must be used for all sets.

16. If you would like to play doubles but do not have a partner, please contact us. Include your name, email address, phone number, level, age, and in which event(s) you are interested in playing. If players are available, you will be contacted.

17. T-shirts tend to run just a bit small. If you are not sure, choose the larger size.

18. Please check your availability carefully as Wednesday will be a full day of play. It may be very difficult to accommodate individual scheduling needs.






PROCEDURE: Each team shall play every other team in their group in the Round Robin.

DETERMINING THE ORDER OF FINISH: The team that wins the most matches is the winner. If two (2) teams are tied, then the winner of their head-to-head match is the winner.

If three (3) or more teams are tied, the Referee shall use the following steps in the order listed to break all ties. The Referee shall break as many ties as possible using a given step before using the next step. These steps are:

*the head-to-head win-loss record in matches involving just the tied teams;

*the team with the highest percentage of sets won of all sets completed;

*head-to-head win-loss record in matches involving the teams who remain tied;

*the team with the highest percentage of games won of all games completed;

*the head-to-head win-loss record in matches involving the players who remain tied;

*the team with the highest percentage of sets won of sets completed among teams in the group under consideration;

*the head-to-head win-loss record in matches involving the teams who remain tied;

*the team with the highest percentage of games won of games completed among the teams under consideration;

*the head-to-head win-loss record in matches involving the teams who remain tied;

If the Referee has applied all the steps and a tie still cannot be broken, the Referee shall use a random drawing among the remaining tied teams to determine their order of finish.

*A 10-Point Match Tiebreak played in lieu of a deciding final set counts as both one set and one game for the purpose of determining the order of finish. If the players play out the 3rd set or any portion thereof, it will still count as only one set and one game.

DEFAULTS, WITHDRAWALS, WALKOVERS, AND RETIREMENTS. A team is credited with a win if the opposing team withdraws; creates a Walkover; retires; or an official defaults the opposing team.

When breaking a tie, only completed sets count as sets won and only completed games count as games won. A team who is defaulted for any reason other than lateness shall not play in subsequent matches and may not be declared the winner of the Round Robin. A team who is defaulted, retires, or creates a Walkover shall finish lower than every team who has an identical match record.

All scores of completed matches, sets, and games shall be retained for determining the order of finish.

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